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Dominic Trépel

Assistant Professor of Health Economics

Dominic’s research group conducts collaborative research that advises funders (e.g. governments, health insurers, research agencies) on how best to use of their limited resources by estimating the ‘value for money’ of alternative approaches. One key area of research of individuals’ life course to is determine the value of various public health approaches in prevention dementia. More broadly, analysis of real-world data seeks to indicate consequences to healthcare, as well as the wider societal implications (e.g. education, social, criminal justice and lost productivity) of various policy approaches.


Dominic is an academic health economist with dedicated interests in dementia, mental health and aging. His current research is modelling the value of ‘personalized prevention’ of dementia, which bring together research on biomarker (to identify early signals), public health interventions (to provide proactive intervention to reduce risk) and various real-world ‘big data’ sources (to contract different targeting strategies across individuals life course and extrapolate consequences). Methodologically, research utilise decision analysis modelling to synthesis various evidence into Bayesian frameworks to estimate cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, econometric analysis of routinely collected data aims to robust causal inferences (rather that correlation alone). Dominic joined Trinity College Dublin in 2017 and is a member of GBHI faculty, and a member of faculty in Trinity's School of Medicine. Dominic holds a doctoral degree (PhD) in Economics (with a specialisation in health and econometrics) and has been conducting research to influence policy and practice for over two decades.

Key Publications 

You can find more of Dominic's publications here.


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