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The Predictive Brain Health Modelling group at Trinity College Dublin uses data science to understand how to keep our brains healthy. The brain is complex. Our mission is to lean into that complexity and see where it can take us.

Decades of research have revealed myriad environmental and genetic risk factors that are important for maintaining a healthy brain. But the brain is an incredibly complex organ and each makes just a small contribution to our overall risk or resilience profile.

The Predictive Brain Health Modelling group takes the perspective that with creative approaches and meaningful collaborations between psychologists and data scientists, we can ensure that the next decade of research will translate into societal health benefits.


We take two complementary approaches


To put these small risk factors together and generate meaningful insights at the level of an individual, our group gathers large N datasets. This allows us to use tools like machine learning to predict brain health problems before they arise, to stratify populations, and  to assist in smart prescribing. 


Our models are only as powerful as the data we provide them. Therefore, the PBHM has a dual focus on developing models that can explain the fundamentals of how the brain works. We study this through development, moment-to-moment brain activity and decision-making and fluctuations in psychological states states.

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